About Us

Hailing from the suburbs of Arizona, we are a new age hairstyling destination that firmly believes in transforming haircutting/grooming styles for each individual that steps into our shop. Capital Barber Shop was established in 2015 in Walla Walla, Washington and now leading towards the expansion with our second Shop in Surprise Arizona. Throughout the years, that has remained the core idea of our entire team and has helped us serve our ever-increasing range of customers with unmatched styling trends.

What makes us the best?

We are not just a conventional barbershop; we are a complete grooming destination accompanied by the city’s best hairstyling professionals. Our motto is to bring innovation and perfection in haircutting styles, precisely by offering an enriched look that remains unbeatable to everyone.

With a range of hairstyling and grooming products available for all classes of people, we lead the market by setting examples to provide splendid hairstyling solutions at the best prices.