Catering to everything according to your needs, we offer a range of grooming options that suit you best. The styling experts at Capital Barber Shop are well-versed in providing different grooming services, as per your personality and style.


When it comes to getting haircuts that suit right according to your face and physique, we have the best options for you. Whether you are looking for a clean look or just want a casual makeover, our stylists cover all your queries by giving you the perfect haircut for every occasion. And that’s not all; we have got haircutting solutions for all ages of people, including kids, grown-ups, and more.


To make sure your fades styling always gets an unbeatable edge, our experts always offer best-in-class solutions to elevate your appearance. We have been termed as one of the best salons in Arizona, where you can get the best fades as per your styling requirements. We take pride in offering the best stuff according to the latest trends, offering fine grooming solutions across the city.

Beard Trims

We know that all men become choosy when it comes to getting beard trimming. It is something that requires perfection and a dedicated hand of artistry. At Capital Barber Shop, we take care of all your hassles by providing the right beard trimming solutions that look good according to your face. We’ve got experienced professionals for beard trimming at our salon, and the quality of our work speaks volumes!


Are you looking to get a soothing experience while getting the perfect shave? At Capital Barber Shop, we’re indeed the ultimate place you need to be in Arizona. Keeping up with the safety standards, we utilize top-grade equipment that offers a flawless shaving experience all the time. It makes your face sparkle and imitates a fresh look, giving your overall personality a real nifty presence.